Turn eReader Into A Surfing Machine

How To Turn eReader Into A Surfing Machine

A few months ago I purchased a reasonably priced 9-inch Pandigital eReader    It's capable of connecting to various wi-fi hotspots near me, for free. Free internet on an eReader doesn't sound like that big of a deal, but I made a few simple modifications. I don't read books on it, I use it to surf and listen to music. I use it to tweet and ping and what-have-you.

It has an accelerometer, which means the screen rights itself, no matter which way you hold it. I also added a SD card for about 20 dollars, for some extra memory. Other than that, it's pretty much a basic 9-inch Pandigital Novel eReader.

This particular model doesn't play flash objects that well, but I installed Dolphin and Skyfire browsers to supplement the browser that it came with. This enables me to watch YouTube Videos and listen to my music playlists on my sites or profiles. The "pop out" option, on my music playlists, is what I get to work on my eReader.

I found an app called TuneIn Radio that allows me to listen to radio stations. It's the best app out there, in my opinion. Some of the stations specialize, or play exclusively certain bands, which I really love. You can listen to, all Pearl Jam, or all Pink Floyd. Sometimes I work online, on my regular desktop and listen to music on my Pandigital eReader.

When I am out and about, the eReader will search for free wi-fi hotspots and remember them, all automatically. I don't pay any monthly internet fees. It has some limitations, but when compared to the prices of some of these other devices and considering some of the charges for internet connections, I am satisfied.