How You Can Make Your Computer Run Faster

Find Places To Store Items

Here are some quick tips on how to make your PC run faster and better. First, I think it's better and safer to store as much of the stuff on your personal computer, to other places, besides your computer. Items or saved material on your computer, that are not too important, but you still want to keep, can be kept on Yahoo Notepads or other online notepads or even group files.

Move Your Media

Photographs can be stored many places such as on Skydrive, Google or other places.

Instead of downloading music to your PC, consider just building playlists offered by online sites and keeping the players on your profiles or sites. Once you have moved some of the things off of your PC, you can delete them off your computer.

Fine Tune

 After you have cleaned up your PC, you can then run a disk cleanup and a defragment manually, on most computers. Other things you might consider is running your display color settings to medium color. On some computer systems you can adjust the advanced settings, for best performance , all of which can be found under your control panel on most PC's.

 Some people find that certain browsers run faster, on their PC's than others. Browsers such as Firefox or Google Chrome can make a PC run faster. These simple and basic changes will more than likely make your computer perform better and faster.