How To Get The Most Out Of An Average Computer


More RAM

You can possibly make your computer perform much better by upgrading a few features. My computer originally came with 512mb of RAM. But it was capable of having 2GB. Inside some computers they will often have an open slot for more RAM. I purchased a 1GB stick of RAM for about 50 dollars. I opened up my computer and found the slot for more RAM, opened the "catches" and snapped it in. My computer performed much better after that.

First you will need to find out through research on the internet or by calling your computer dealer where you got your computer or looking through your PC's manual, on whether you can upgrade your RAM and by how much. I bought my RAM from Wal Mart because that's where I bought my e Machine PC originally. If you are uncomfortable about working on your PC, it would be wise to have a PC repair place make the upgrade for you.

USB Flash Drive

I love flash drives. They are very inexpensive and they are so small you can put them on a keychain. But even though they are small in size, they can hold a lot of memory. I bought a Toshiba 8GB USB Micro Flash Drive. I have put bunches of photographs and videos on it. Sometimes I delete them, sometimes I keep them, but I have never run out of space.

Flash drives are a great way of storing items you want to keep, edit or just delete later on, if you choose. They say that flash drives tend to have certain lifetimes, where they start to deteriorate, but I haven't had any problems yet. I just plug the tiny flash drive into a USB port on the front of my PC and add media or photographs to it from my computer or move media from it: to my PC. It's very handy.

Whether it's by upgrading your RAM, utilizing flash drives or both, for a little investment you can make the average computer perform much better for your needs.