Computer Tips And Tricks

Basic Computer Tips And Tricks

Did you know that if you press the Ctrl button and hold it down with your left hand pinky and then with another finger press the letter C you can copy just about anything you have highlighted on the screen? You can then press and hold down the Ctrl button and then press the letter V to paste whatever you just copied.

Most of us know how to copy and paste, but there are a few other tricks we once knew and forgot or have never learned. These are tips for a basic personal computers running Windows.

Ctrl - D allows you to bookmark whatever page you are on.

Ctrl - B opens up or closes your sidebar.

Tapping your space bar will scroll your page down.

Double mouse clicking on a word will highlight it.

Clicking the middle wheel button on your mouse get's an auto scroll option.

Clicking the middle wheel button on your mouse will also open a link in a new tab. This works great on sidebar bookmark links. (on certain browsers)

Try them out, some you may really prefer!

If you have any tips or shortcuts you use on your computer leave a comment and tell us how you do it!