How You Can Make Results Open New Window

How You Can Make Results Open New Window

Have you ever had a widget or gadget embed, such as a dictionary, thesaurus or other similar type embed, that opens its results on the same page, but you would rather have it open results in a new tab or page instead? Often, the HTML solution is the same as the HTML code for making a text link open up a new page or tab.

If you have an object that you embed on your site or blog and the object is for finding specific results and you want the results to open in a new page or tab, just add some code to it. Be sure to keep the original code intact somewhere, in case it doesn't work or you make a mistake.

For Instance:

On your widget or gadget's embed code at the beginning you will possibly see the code:

Make sure that it's okay with the gadget or widget producer to change the code. Also keep the original gadget or widget code in case you don't get your desired results or make a mistake!