3 Cool Tricks For Firefox Browser User

 Cool Tricks For Firefox Browser Users

One really useful tip or trick I use on Firefox is whenever I want to bookmark something in my sidebar, I just click the star that is in the address bar. This puts a bookmark of that site on my unsorted bookmarks area on my sidebar.

Another useful tip I use on Firefox was changing the email default setting. Have you ever been to a site that asks or invites you to email them and you click the link or button and out pops the Outlook Express Mail? I use another mail service. You can select a default mail, such as Gmail or Yahoo, by going to Tools-Options-Applications-Mail to- and it gives you a drop down box to choose the email you actually use.

Another very useful tip I use on Firefox Browsers is using my middle mouse button a lot. It's the wheel in the center of some mouses. I do a lot of tabbing with Firefox. You can close tabs by pushing the wheel button on your mouse. But the cool thing is you don't have to click on the X of the tab, just click anywhere on the tab and it will close out that tab.
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